Marine drinking collagen
Dr. Young

12 500

28 bottles
Fish collagen peptides - 3300 mg
Country South Korea

Dr. Young - marine collagen with hyaluronic acid and vitamin complex

A three-month course of marine collagen with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and a balanced vitamin complex, developed by Korean scientists to preserve youth, beauty, an active and healthy life.

Dr.Young Smart Collagen is easy to take in, delicious, and easy to take with you. In one package there are 28 bottles, inside of which there is a real elixir of beauty and health with a pleasant citrus taste, without sugar.
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It contains a unique formula of marine collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and a vitamin complex that helps the body stay in good shape, strengthens the immune system and provides energy and allows collagen peptides to be absorbed from the oral cavity and further into the esophagus.

The daily dosage of marine collagen peptides works on the health of joints and bones, strengthens hair and nails, normalizes the functioning of the digestive tract, restores skin elasticity, blocks the feeling of hunger, and normalizes sleep. Hyaluronic acid provides powerful cell nourishment, makes the skin on the face and on the whole body toned, nourished and radiant.

Vitamin C and vitamin complex not only contribute to the absolute absorption of collagen, but also reduce inflammation in the body, help the immune system fight bacteria and viruses, and give energy.

1 bottle daily before, during or after meals.

Recommended course: 3 months.