Marine collagen with pomegranate extract

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Fish Collagen Peptide: 1000mg per 1 stick
Pomegranate extract: 1800 mg per 1 stick
Dietary supplement: agar-agar, locust bean gum
1 pack contains 15 collagen sticks

Country South Korea

Delicious natural supplement in the form of jelly, which gives youth, health and vitality.

The perfect daily collagen made in Korea.

The main task of collagen is to strengthen all connective tissues. As we age, the amount of collagen in the body is constantly decreasing. This leads to the formation of wrinkles, reduced joint mobility. To maintain and preserve the youthfulness of the body, many turn to the consumption of collagen from the outside.

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One stick of this delicious jelly is the size of one pomegranate!
Pomegranate properties:

- has a beneficial effect on the blood, enriches with microelements, vitamins and glucose, cleanses from free radicals and cholesterol plaques;

- improves hematopoietic function and increases hemoglobin levels;

- contributes to the prevention of cancer, especially the prostate, so the drink is recommended for men;

- increases the secretion of glands, improves appetite, helps with diarrhea and has a diuretic effect;

- pectin, tannin and folacin can minimize inflammation in the stomach;

- strengthens the protective functions and enhances the body's resistance;

- is the prevention of respiratory and viral infections;

- recommended for hypertensive patients;

- perfectly normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the heart and is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Why Buy Marine Collagen?
Skin health. Improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

Weight loss. The researchers found that with daily collagen supplementation, users reported "a loss of an average of 4.5 kg over three months." This is because collagen actually boosts metabolism.

Digestion. Soothes irritated gastrointestinal mucosa, restores damaged intestinal walls and supports gastrointestinal motility.

Bones and healthy joints. Maintains health and reduces the risk of deterioration of their condition.

Hormonal balance.

Improves sleep quality and relieves daytime sleepiness.

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